Finance solutions for life-changing healthcare technology

When you live in a major city or near a prestigious medical center, you often have access to cutting-edge medical technology. But what happens when you reside in a rural community, thousands of miles from the nearest specialized care provider?


Treating cancer patients in rural Alaska
This was a problem facing Richard Chung, MD and his associates at the Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center (ARTC). As in Anchorage, Alaska, a city that lies some 2,500 miles above the continental US. Unwilling to accept geography as an excuse, the center found a way to use a finance solution to bring a life-changing precision surgical tool to cancer patients in remote Alaska.

Before we brought this technology to Anchorage, Alaskans had to travel to the continental US for treatment. Now they are in and out of the center in a single day.
Whether you’re in a major city or a rural area, the best medical technology most often comes at a price.