Pioneering partnersin US dairy farming

With DLL as our financing partner, we could provide a finance solution that dealt with this bigger picture, something local providers could not have done.

The Lely agricultural company has been making farmers’ lives easier for over 65 years. Thanks to DLL’s grasp of farmers’ financial needs, Lely is giving US dairy farmers exactly what they need: an affordable way to upgrade production facilities and improve their lives.

Inspiring innovation
Companies in the Lely Group provide a range of innovative and durable products that are well matched to the needs of the modern cattle farmer. Their mission is to inspire people to create innovative solutions that help customers excel in sustainable milk production, forage harvesting and energy sourcing. With deep roots in agriculture finance, DLL was the ideal partner to help bring these innovations to Lely’s customers. 

 A unique agriculture finance agreement

"Introducing new milking technology to dairy farmers has its challenges," says Chad Huyser, Lely’s Director of North American Operations. "Not many of them have pockets deep enough to pay outright for an upgrade of their facilities. And local lenders are often so unfamiliar with the technology that they are uncomfortable accepting the financial risk. However, DLL understands the assistance that family-run farms in particular need, and created a lending agreement that enabled farmers to improve their production, giving Lely a unique position in the marketplace.”

DLL understood the technology, so there was no need for a rebuild on the farm, and their appreciation of the level of risk allowed them to waive payments for the first six months, giving the Blasés critical breathing space to get their new facilities up and running.