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Break down the barriers to clean technology with a strategic financing partner.

Leverage financing to meet your clean technology project needs

Access flexible financing programs tailored to meet the needs of clean tech manufacturers, ESCOs, contractors and end-users. From energy efficiency, to combined heat and power (CHP), water and more. DLL has been a pioneer in the clean technology market for more than 10 years as a trusted financial solutions partner.

Energy efficiency

Combined heat and power (CHP)


Alternative energy

Waste management

...and more

"There’s just no way that we could have made this work without DLL. This project is making the church $1,500 per month for the next 36 months – and after the lease is up, the fixtures will be theirs and the energy savings will just keep coming." Paul Chamberlain, President and CEO at Linmore LED Labs

Benefits of financing clean tech projects

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Install today based on tomorrow's savings

Energy savings often offset the full cost of financing payments and improve cash flow.

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Eliminate out-of-pocket expenses

Finance 100% of project expenses, such as software, installation, training and recycling to preserve credit lines.

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Customize financing options

Tailor financing solutions by project and customer objective, including tax and accounting priorities, and incentives.


Energy efficiency as a service is expected to grow 46.3% globally over the next 5 years.

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