Helps our customers supply the world with food

Generates added value

We offer financing solutions to agricultural equipment manufacturers and suppliers within processing, handling and storage. We also offer commercial financing and retail financing to help manufacturers and authorised dealers achieve an efficient global distribution network.

Facts about

  • 50,000 tractors
    We have financed over 50,000 tractors all over the world. This means more ploughed acres and more sowed seeds.
  • Rural population still declining
    As a result, we support financing of the agricultural equipment that farmers need to improve efficiency. We finance both advanced solutions for agricultural equipment and simple tools.
  • We finance thousands of dealers
    We support equipment sales by making it easily accessible at thousands of dealers.

In-depth insight into your business

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Scarce natural resources

The growing population means that current consumption patterns will be impossible in the future without improved utilisation of resources and sustainable solutions.

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Population growth

In 2050 there will be nine billion people on the earth (two billion more than there are today), which means the rate of food production needs to increase additionally.

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Seasonal payment

We understand that your business is dependent on the season, so we offer flexible repayment structures that suit your cash flow.

Our solutions

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Sales financing

We provide manufacturers, distributors and dealers with asset-based financing programmes. Sound market and industry know-how means we can offer financing options that are adapted to your objectives, processes and distribution channels.

Retail financing

Customise payment solutions to match your customer's cash flow as well as financial programmes that lead to recurring sales.

Asset management

Generates value throughout an asset's entire life cycle to help manufacturing partners achieve their sales and growth goals.

Life Cycle Asset Management

A business model based on the insight that end users value equipment usefulness over purchasing or owning it, while the manufacturer manages the equipment's life cycle from production to disposal.

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